Globalization and Corporate Finance

By July 11, 2016Resources

What is corporate finance? In the United States corporate finance refers to the strategies, techniques and financial processes used to acquire, manage, and utilize capital assets. Some of the financial activities that are involved in corporate finance include: fundraising for start up ventures, securing investors, merging with other companies, orchestrating acquisitions, and selling company stocks. As this list illustrates there are a lot of business activities related to corporate finance. In order to perform all of these activities a lot of financial professionals need to be involved. Some of the professionals that are involved in corporate finance activities include: private investors, venture capitalists, banks, brokers, corporate attorneys and corporate financial experts. What is globalization? Globalization is basically the merging of all worldwide markets. In the past most business was localized to isolated markets. However, with the advancements in technology and travel markets around the world have opened up and businesses have begun to serve markets outside of the company’s local area. Now a textile manufacturer in India can fill orders for people around the world and deliver the products within a matter of days instead of months. How does globalization effect corporate finance? Globalization has almost eliminated isolated markets, and because of this competition for companies has dramatically increased. However, corporate finance options have also increased as a result of globalization. Now companies can utilize the financial resources of international investors. In order to take advantage of international investment funding opportunities companies need to expand their understanding of international finance.