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About Richard D. Surber

Richard D. Surber, is currently the Chief Executive and Financial Officer of Nexia Holdings, Inc. Nexia is currently traded on Pinksheets under the symbol NXHD. Nexia is a holding company with operations in retail clothing, health -beauty industry and commercial real estate. Mr. Surber is spearheading the growth of Nexia into a national retailer with a 5 year plan to increase Nexia’s revenues from $2M in 2009 to $10M in annual sales by 2015.

Mr. Surber is a member of the California bar. He practices law on a limited basis specializing in complex corporate and securities law matters. He graduated from the University of Utah with a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance and then with a Juris Doctor with an emphasis in corporate law, including securities, taxation and bankruptcy.

He has served as an officer and director on over a dozen micro cap companies over the last decade. In addition, he has effected many complex legal transactions that have assisted many promising private companies in obtaining financing by bringing such companies public through reverse mergers and spin off transactions.

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